Botox Injections

Aesthetics & Beauty

While we know that your smile is your most important feature, we do understand that many people struggle with unwanted wrinkles, cellulite, and aging spots. We have invested in some of the top of the line products to help our patients overcome their struggles and become fully confident in their body again.


Facial Aesthetics: 

We offer Botox, Dermafill, Xeomin and other products.

Body Aesthetics: 

Viora’s V20 multi-technology platform – part of the V-Series – provides treatment solutions for the most requested applications! With FDA and CE approvals, V20 give you total control and flexibility. And with the ability to access Viora’s specially-developed combination protocols, superior clinical efficacy and patient satisfaction is waiting for you. Viora’s proprietary technology is the driving force behind the V20. Accessible via different handpieces, you determine which technologies you need and when. And since each handpiece can be acquired separately, you control your treatment menu, along with the convenience of deciding when to easily upgrade to additional technologies. Let Viora’s V20 make a difference in your clinic and shape your future!

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