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Gimme all the candy, but not the cavities

At Schenck Family Dentistry, we love Halloween! But we don't love cavities. Be sure to brush those teeth well these next few weeks as we all indulge in all things sugar.

Your kids teeth are often overlooked at bedtime. Especially if they are on a sugar-induced spook-tacular Halloween candy high! But brushing two, even three, times a day is so crucial to their oral health.

When you're out doing your trick-or-treat shopping, Dr. Schenck encourages you to look for non-candy items, like glowsticks, bubbles, stickers and chalk. Those are all popular kiddo treats that are guaranteed not to cause cavities. But if candy is your thing, it's best to steer clear of taffy, sticky sweets as those are the hardest things to get off the tooth.

Simple chocolates and even sugar-free gum (um, yes please!) are the best options and make great giveaways for all the princesses, ghosts and star troopers in your neighborhood.

After Halloween is over, consider bringing in your kids for their cleaning and have Dr. Schenck and her staff polish those fangs into pearly whites again. Call 985-626-4807 to make your appointment today!